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Wild Geese Consulting, LLC

Wild Geese Consulting brings together the understanding that small businesses are the backbone of a community and the knowledge that no community can stand alone in today's increasingly complex world.

As needs, wants, and dreams change around the world, many small businesses find themselves overwhelmed with the possibilities and challenges. With shifting businesses expenses, markets, and structures it can be difficult to grow a small business into a lasting organization.​

Aerial view of house roofs in suburban n
Community Gardening
Architect at Work
Zero Waste Store
Shop Owner Arranging Merchandise
Outdoor Family Day

This is where our unique blend of public, private, and non-profit experience can help.​ We focus on building a long term plan for your business that takes into account what you need for your business, what you want to achieve with your business, and what your community dreams of achieving in the future.


All together this forms a sustainable plan for growing your small business while strengthening your community. This is an essential element of long term business success. Strong, resilient communities provide the market support needed by small businesses. Small businesses form the backbone of a lasting, connected community.

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